Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crafty Sisters

So...my sisters are crafty. As in, they sew and make cute things for their kids and always have cute new decorations they have made...and then there is me. NOT CRAFTY. I am the person at the Relief Society craft nights that needs help with every step. Yeah, not crafty.

But here is the thing: I WANT to be crafty. So, my cute, supportive sisters decided that we could all be crafty together and do the same craft every month! When we have questions, we call or skype so we can see whats going on. We have been doing it for a few months now, and as life has it, we actually do a craft about every other month. You know, life and kids come before crafts sometimes....

Anyway, I have really enjoyed it and have started gaining some confidence and doing some on my own!! I am not a Micah or Tara yet, but maybe someday. :)

Here are some of our projects:

This was our first craft...Valentine's Day...obviously. Micah and her friend found it at The Idea Room. But it was super easy and turned out cute! I also made topiary balls from the same felt circles. My awesome husband, Jon, even helped me cut out the MILLIONS of circles while watching movies. Good guy!

Second was our Easter project. Super cute, right! We found in on the Michaels website. To show you how new I am to crafting, I didn't even know what glue dots were. Now that I do....I LOVE THEM! Also, Martha Stewart glitter? AWESOME!

So, this project was one I found on my own here.I was intimidated at first, but I thought it was really cool. So, I tried it on a much simpler scale. And I didn't find my stuff at Goodwill. I printed it as a 16x20 ay Costco, got it mounted on foam board at Hobby Lobby and will eventually get it framed. So, not a cheap as she did it...but easier!

I still need to frame it...but I think it turned out pretty sweet.

The cutest thing about all this crafting is that Cole is VERY proud of me. :) Anyone that comes over, he takes them to my newest creation, points and says, "Mom." I love it.