Saturday, July 31, 2010

Grand Lake Trip

Our friends at Rocky Mountain Reserve asked Jon, Cole and me to join them in their company retreat up to Grand Lake (they had a little extra room!). Thanks to Shauna's family we had an awesome "cabin" (more like a ginormous lodge! Look at the view!) to stay in with lots of fun stuff to do!

Cole got to see and touch real horses...that ended when he stuck his fingers in the horse's nostril and went, "TICKO TICKO TICKO!" The horse was not a fan!

We went on ATV rides, Taylor taught Jon to fly fish and Cole even got to drive the pontoon boat! This is how I imagine this conversation...

TAYLOR: Cole, do you think you are stong enough to drive the boat?
COLE: Are you kidding?

COLE: Look at these muscles!

He was a natural and even tested out the horn a little!

It was beautiful up there! Such a fun weekend. Thanks RMR!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hickman Reunion - Minute To Win It

The next day, we played minute to win it. If you haven't seen that show, it is pretty fun. Basically, you have 60 to complete a crazy task (we have tons of pictures, so I will only pick a few of my faves!). Such as:

Micah knocking pop cans off the table with rubberbands

Tyler balancing a half-full can of root beer (awesome!)

Jon working an oreo from his forehead to his mouth only using his face

Tara stacking apples

and Jonah stacking 5 nuts using a spaghetti noodle!

It was a blast and we had so much fun! Great for FHE!

Hickman Reunion - Iron Chef

The next day we did Iron Chef. The secret ingredient was apples and Grandpa and Grandma were the judges. It was really fun and everyone made awesome dishes. This is the Apple and Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Sugar chips. SOOOO GOOD! Tons of chopping for their poor team, but oh so worth it! I loved it! (WINNER - Most Original)

Then we had Curried Apple and Leek Soup. Mmmmmm... How can you go wrong with curry, potatos, leeks and apples! (WINNER - Best Plating)

And then my groups creation....Imperial Stacked Pork (yup...we made up the name and the recipe!). It was actually pretty tasty! And the red sauce....made out of red hots. Awesome! (WINNER - Best Taste and Overall winner)

The judges had a hard job!

Hickman Reunion 2010-The Amazing Race

We had a Hickman Reunion here in Colorado at the beginning of July. It was a blast! We had a full house and Cole LOVED being with his cousins! We had planned so many fun activities and everyone had a great time.

We kicked it off with The Amazing Race. We did the whole race on Pearl Street in Boulder. The teams were a little closer than we had planned, but it was still really fun. The teams had to solve the clue and complete a challenge in order to get the next clue. They ranged from riding a pig, eating $2 worth of M&Ms, or spelling out 1917 with their bodies!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Cole took his first Mom and Tot swimming class. The first day was not so good and I was thinking that it was going to be a long 2 weeks! But by the third day, he was jumping off the wall and going down the slides and putting his head under the water!

Now he LOVES swimming! I don't have any pictures, but he loves to go on the slides-big or small. He laughs the whole way down! He is our little dare devil.