Saturday, September 3, 2011

Welcome to Austin!

Well, we made it! We closed on our house on Tuesday morning, moved in Tuesday night and are still unpacking! We are very close to being settled, but no pictures just yet! We just got the Internet hooked up today (thank goodness!) and TV in 10 DAYS! 10!!

Cole has been awesome and is starting to recognize when we are getting close to home. But he asks for Grandma and Grandpa every single day. Makes me sad every time. Cole and I have quickly learned that it is better not to go outside during the day....or you melt.

We also have had our first Pest control spray. "After only 5 days?", you ask. Yes, after 2 scorpions, I made the call. Cute Cole jumped from couch to couch and only touched the ground if necessary after I lost track of one of them. They are fast little suckers.

Our neighbors that we have met have all been really nice. Lots of young families which is cool. We are going to church tomorrow and our Bishop's last name is it has to be good right? :)

I had a lady ask me on the phone the other day why we would leave God's Country of Colorado to come to Austin. Good question really...but it is nice here. Hot, but nice. More to come soon!