Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cole's three new friends....His Therapists

It was recommended by our pediatrician that we have Cole assessed for some delays we have been noticing. So we had him go to Child Find to have an assessment. It was a crazy couple of hours, but it was concluded that Cole needed therapy as he has some autistic markers. I was told that he won't be diagnosed as autistic because his social development is on track. But his speech and his sensory motor development is behind.

So, Cole was assigned 3 therapists that come to our house every week; an Occupational Therapist (Janet), a Speech Therapist (Shanda) and an Early Childhood Educator (Sharla). It makes for busy weeks and a stressed Mama, but we have already seen some improvements.

Cole loves Janet his OT. She wrestles with him and plays rough and he LOVES it! He gives her hugs and gets excited when she comes. His Speech Therapist, Shanda, he hasn't clicked with as well. But I love her! He is warming up to her (we can tell because he tried to knock her over and hit her in the legs....that means he likes you!). Interestingly enough, the most progress we have seen has been in the speech. His vocabulary has increased a ton and he is trying to say more things....which makes Jon and me VERY happy.

Now if we could just get him to eat something.....

I am posting about this now, after accepting the idea that Cole is still my perfect boy even with these delays. It is really hard to be told that something is wrong with your child. But knowing that we are helping him and he is progressing makes it easier.